Jong Makeblijde

Jong Makeblijde, the little sister of Makeblijde, was founded in 1995. Since then, Jong Makeblijde has grown into a dynamic group of young people between 7 and 17 years old.

We strive for a varied repertoire: a wide range of styles and languages, and both unison and polyphonic songs. Of course, attention is also paid to good vocal technique, choir sound, body posture, and presence so that we can make wonderful music together and enjoy it a lot!


Repetities: Friday

17h00 - 18h15 a.m.: under 12 & over 12 years old
18u15 - 19u00: over 12 years old

Location: De Zonnewijzer, Zele


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Dirigent - Sofie D'haese

Sofie started her musical career at the age of 8 in the children's choir Makeblijde. It quickly became clear that singing was her passion, and it has remained that way to this day. She is still one of the sopranos of the women's choir Makeblijde.

In addition to her own singing career, Sofie gave music initiation and music theory classes to young musicians in training for several years. She also took courses in choir conducting and vocal training, with a specialization in children's choirs.

Since 2009, Sofie has been the conductor of the children's choir Makeblijde. She inspires young choir members and prepares teenagers for a transition to the women's choir Makeblijde.