You are unique, with your own voice and character. At Makebijde, you can be that. We merge together to form a powerful group, with our own, unique sound. We sing all genres, from classical to pop. In this way, we let every musical style shine in its individuality. 




Rehearsal: Saturday, 10.00h - 12.30h a.m.

Location: De Zonnewijzer, Zele


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Dirigent - Filip Haentjens

When Gabriël Verschraegen, the then-head of the Royal Conservatory of Ghent, asked me "Why do you want to study music at our conservatory?", my hesitant answer was: "I think I can't help it - I really don't want to do anything else." The man replied: "Young man, welcome, you're in!" It was an obvious choice for me. I had studied clarinet and piano at the Lokeren Music Academy.

At the Gent Conservatory, I obtained a First Prize in clarinet in the class of Freddy Arteel, and a First Prize in chamber music through the classes of Dirk Vermeulen, François Glorieux, and Piet Dombrecht.

At the same conservatory, I previously obtained a First Prize in music theory, transposition, and then also the pedagogical diploma.

I continued my studies at the Royal Flemish Conservatory of Antwerp, where I obtained a Higher Diploma in clarinet in the class of Walter Boeykens, and a First Prize in bass clarinet with Jan Guns.

At the Antwerp conservatory, I also studied electronic music composition, MIDI, and recording techniques, and I am a recording engineer in my own music studio.

I studied choral conducting with Michael Scheck, Roger Leens, and Johan Van Bouwelen.

I have been directing the Makeblijde choir from Zele with great joy for 25 years.

I am a retired clarinet and ensemble/instrumental ensemble teacher at the academies of Lokeren and Buggenhout.